If you build it, they will come!

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Z-Brand Cohort

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The affordable solutions to entrepreneurial success!

The Z-Brand Cohort is a special entrepreneurship  program designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
This high impact, hands on, 8 weeks program will guide

15 entrepreneurs through the process of strategically building the authentic core brand elements of their business structure. 


Your brand is the most important asset of your business.
Yet, most entrepreneurs unknowingly skip build their brand and go straight to the logo and website.

There are no shortcuts to greatness. You have to do the work

Who should attend?

Why you should attend?

  • Business owners

  • Solopreneurs, 

  • Career professionals in transitions to entrepreneurs

  • Non-Profit leaders

  • Individuals with start-up ideas

  • Creatives (stylist, MUA, designers)

  • Entertainers

  • Hobby enthusiast 

  • To take the guess work out of building your brand

  • To develop a clear and concise brand story

  • To fully step into the mindset of entrepreneurship 

  • Learn new tools, techniques and systems

  • To connect and collaborate with like-minded business leaders

  • Get FOCUSED (Functional Operations Create Useful Systems)

  • Be inspired

  • Take actions and get results.

Package valued
over $10,000

What will you leave with?

  • Clear Brand Messaging

  • Elevator Pitch

  • Clarity of your business structure

  • Key factors to position your business for funding and increased profits

  • Clarity of your brand identity

  • Your ideal customer's persona

  • Understanding basic financial structures

  • Website landing page

  • Time saving tools and resources

  • An interactive experience

  • Immediate feedback

  • Z-Brand Cohort Members Only Group

  • 1:1 Consultations (3x)

This high impact, hands-on 8 weeks brand cohort  gets straight to the point.

Module 1
Brand Discovery

Discover the heartbeat of your business by clearly developing strong

Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values Statements and Goals

Module 2
Customer Persona

Module 4
Brand Archetype  

Module 3
Competitive  Analysis 

Understanding the consumer buying 

habits of your target audience to strategically build a brand that will emotionally connect with your desired client.

We will identify  who your competitors are, how they operate. Our goal is to build a authentic brand that differentiates from the competition to create a better user experience .

Brand archetypes give brands a character that makes them accessible and relatable to audiences who share those same values.

Module 5
Brand Personality 

Brand personality refers to human characteristics associated with a brand. They're expressed as adjectives that convey how you want people to perceive you

Module 6
Brand Positioning

Module 7
Brand Story

Module 8
Systems & Productivity

Brand positioning is how you choose to position your business within your  industry to help it stand apart from your competition. A good brand positioning consists of three basic parts: audience, benefits and what makes you different 

A brand story is a cohesive narrative that encompasses the facts and feelings that are created by your brand

A productivity system is a set of guidelines or processes designed to better help you get things done.

*Bonus Lesson
Legal Structures 

This bonus class will teach you how to legally register and position your business for funding, trademarking and copyrighting your business intellectual property

*Bonus Lesson
Business Credit

This bonus class will teach you how to build your business with other people's money!! 

*Bonus Lesson
Business Taxes

This bonus class will keep teach you the basics of staying in good graces with Uncle Sam.